Saturday, July 26, 2014

Capital Goods / Metals

The monthly charts of these two sectors are almost identical. If you remember, these two started out performing the market in August last year and have done quite well since then. Capital Goods looks better on the A and B screens and on the C screen they are almost at level.

Healthcare / FMCG

Here's a comparison of the Health Care and FMCG sectors. Both are kind of slow but steady on the monthly charts and if you have patience then these sectors will pay off in a long run. Currently Health Care is better than FMCG on all the three screens. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Recent SPMM Picks

These were my picks on June 15. Cipla is around the same level while Sun Pharma has gone up to 782 - a gain of 24%.

Sector Performance

Above is the sector performance for this week. The defensive sectors along with IT are major gainers this week.

 Nifty is at a new high but the other sectors are still struggling around the 16 May high (see the banks index chart at the bottom).

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ABC Screens

These are my ABC screens. Above, the stocks are arranged according to their % gain in the A screen. Below they are arranged according to their % gain in the B screen. Similarly at the bottom is the C screen. 

The idea is to track the CNX 500 stocks on 3 time frames. Base date for Screen A is 31 Dec 2012. Base date for screen B is 31-12-2013. Screen C is for short term (3-4 months) and currently I'm using 30 April 2014 as the base date for screen C. 

As you maybe aware this is basically a top down approach which I use for stock selection - find the leading sectors and then find the leading stocks within those sectors. These screens are updated once a week and gives a very good idea on which stocks are moving up and down the ladder on 3 time frames. SPMM members receive these screens and other scans every week. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

7400 Holds

Last week we had a rather rare engulfing bar formation on the weekly charts but the support around the extreme lower end around 7440 worked well. Besides, when everybody in town knows about the engulfing pattern then the chances of it working out are slim.

Sector Performance

Saturday, July 12, 2014

SPMM is One Year Old

Stock Picks and Market Monitor was launched last year. If you want to do delivery based stock trading then SPMM is the way to go. As you may be aware, SPMM is based on a top down approach and relative strength for stock selection. Read this FAQ on it. New membership is now open. Drop me a line and join before 31st July to get a nice discount!

Sector Performance

Capital Goods is the biggest loser at 10% week over week. FMCG and IT have gained this week while Health Care was just down by 0.8%